Each of the four modules contains a short video and selected learning resources needed to move you and your team forward, as you develop your comprehensive workplace wellness program.

Create A Valuable Comprehensive Workplace Wellness Program

In under 60 minutes, you will:

  • ensure your wellness program is comprehensive and on target, using five critical questions
  • strengthen your wellness program and pull multiple areas under one comprehensive umbrella, to make your program bullet-proof, using our Seven Spokes of Wellness
  • enhance the effectiveness of your program by knowing what top companies are doing in response to today's changes and challenges
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Module One: Why Wellness

Lesson Brief

This module looks at:

  • The questions around why wellness, exploring a brief history of wellness from traditional health and safety to employee assistance programs and the challenges of the new workplace in attracting, retaining and engaging employees
  • Workplace wellness programming addressing the environment that our employees work in as well as helping them to be successful and deal with the stressors that they are facing
  • How our organizations are being held accountable for ensuring that the environment that people work in promotes health and not disease

Module Two: Critical Questions

Lesson Brief

When leaders start talking about developing their workplace wellness programs, they often ask: Where do I begin? How do I start?

The simple answer is to start by answering these five critical questions.

This module looks at:

  • Five questions that are critical in developing your workplace wellness program to make sure that it is relevant and significant to your particular workplace
  • Benchmarking as a key to staying on target and developing buy-in

Module Three: Building Your Program

Lesson Brief

Workplace wellness is not just about one particular program.

This module looks at:

  • Understanding the Seven Spokes of Wellness Model
  • Developing programs that address all seven of these particular areas into a comprehensive program that addresses the sources of stress and the symptoms related to stress for our employees

Module Four: Trends In Wellness

Lesson Brief

We talk about the trends from top performing companies from around the world and at the different aspects of the Seven Spokes of Wellness Model.

This module looks at:

  • Trends occurring in the Seven Spokes of Wellness Model
  • Developing your unique programs that address the sources of stress and the symptoms related to stress for your particular employees

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Over 20 Additional Resources To Help You Move Your Program Forward

  • Fundamental Values And Principles Report

  • Sample Seven Spokes Of Wellness Program List

  • Seven Spokes of Wellness Worksheet

  • Developing Buy-In EBrief

  • Sample Employee Health Assessment Survey

  • Building Your Wellness Budget Report

  • Measuring Your Wellness Outcomes Report

  • *Big Bonus* Workplace Wellness Interview - 3 audio segments

Workplace Wellness 2.0
is an online course helping you
to bring more value to your
comprehensive workplace wellness programming

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Over 20 Additional Resources To Help You Move Your Program Forward

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Does Your Workplace Wellness Program Measure Up?

  • Do you have an overall health policy stating your organization's intent to protect and promote the health of all employees?
  • Do you have a formal assessment process to determine employee needs and preferences in regards to enhancing their health and ensuring a healthy workplace?
  • Does your Workplace Wellness Plan pull together all areas of the employee experience including health and safety, training and development, reward and recognition, benefits etc.?
  • Do you educate your employees and leaders in healthy workplace principles and methods?
  • Do your leaders demonstrate through their actions, a commitment to providing a healthy workplace?

If not, Workplace Wellness 2.0 can help to get you back on track!

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